Kobe Bryant Has Been Cleared By Team Doctors, But What Does That Mean?


It was said early Monday morning that Lakers guard, Kobe Bryant was cleared by team doctors for all basketball related activities. This is great news for Lakers and Kobe fans as they will get to see their guy play ahead of schedule. It is rumored that Kobe could be back as early as the first week in December.

This kind of things got Chicago Bulls fans excited last year when news broke that injured guard, Derrick Rose was cleared for play. As most of us know Rose took the rest of the year off to make sure he was 150% before stepping back on an NBA court.

I’m not saying Kobe will do the same but you might not want to get too excited about the supposed comeback date. I see two scenarios playing out, the first being Kobe feels the need to lead this team early on and gets back ASAP or he waits until the twitter photo date of 12/25/2013. Lakers fans would love their leader back but that would be one great Christmas gift.

Nonetheless the MAMBA should be back soon and that’s something everyone should be excited about!

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