Lebron James Could Partner With David Beckham To Bring An MLS Franchise To Miami


It’s well known that Lebron James is a soccer fan as he is a minority owner in the English Premier League team, Liverpool. But I don’t think anyone saw him teaming up with soccer great David Beckham to create a super ownership in Miami.

Beckham has been talking about bringing an MLS team to Miami for quite some time now and it could happen in the near future. Beckham’s ownership could do wonders for a new MLS team in Miami, similar to what Magic Johnson did for the LA Dodgers. Only time will tell if these two can make it happen but it seems like Lebron is on board.

James was asked about the partnership by CBS Miami and was quoted as saying, “There’s some interest on both sides. I think it’d be great for this city to have a football club for sure. It could be huge, but you never know.”

So there’s obvious interest by both sides and the MLS has to be loving the idea but just like an LA NFL team, time will tell if it’s going to happen. If this happens it will be huge for Lebron James as he already has many endorsement deals, minority ownership in Liverpool and his NBA contract. His net worth would just skyrocket. Not to mention he can make a few phone calls and maybe get Liverpool over to Miami for some friendly matches. It’s just a dream right now but it could become a reality very soon.

If you’re looking for a soccer view on the subject, check out this article on TopDrawerSoccer.com: http://www.topdrawersoccer.com/the91stminute/2013/11/lebron-james-is-rumored-to-be-interested-in-a-miami-soccer-franchise/

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