Andrew Bynum Is Reincarnated Against The Bulls!


Cleveland Cavaliers center, Andrew Bynum has had a rough road to recovery since being traded from the Lakers. Bynum has had a history of knee problems but to his credit played at a high level through a lot of pain. After being traded to the Sixers he sat out the whole year due to multiple knee injuries and procedures. The Cavs signed him to a 2 year deal hoping he can become the all star once dominant big man he was with the Lakers. The Cavs haven’t rushed Bynum and he’s now starting to find his groove. Last night Andrew had his best game since leaving the Lakers putting up 20 points, 10 rebounds and 5 blocks in 30 minutes of play. A very efficient night for Bynum who may be just what the Cavs need to make the playoffs this year. Check out the highlights down below


Personally, I won’t believe Andrew is back to normal until he stops having these crazy haircuts

hair 4


hair 2


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