North Carolina Has Had Enough Of PJ Hairston

pjNorth Carolina announced Friday, they will not seek reinstatement from the NCAA for junior guard P.J. Hairston. Hairston has been benched the whole season due to eligibility issues. Hairston had his name in the media a little too much this off season as he was cited for speeding in May and then for possession of marijuana and driving without a license following a traffic stop in June. Both times he was driving a rental car linked to convicted felon Haydn “Fats” Thomas. Thomas would not talk to NCAA investigators, and thus further investigating began by the NCAA.

PJ Hairston was the Tar Heels leading scorer last year, and fans have been asking for his freedom as UNC fans have been making “Free PJ” T-shirts, posters and even billboards. The NCAA told UNC they shouldn’t bother seeking reinstatement as nothing will improve so the school let him go. The director of athletics Bubba Cunningham said in a statement. “The University thanks him for his contributions to Carolina Basketball.” It’s a tough spot for both sides but an even tougher situation for PJ Hairston. There was rumors he could enter the NBA draft this June but after this mess it will be hard for a team to pull the trigger.

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