Amir Johnson Throws Down The Windmill On The Break!!

A huge dunk always gets the crowd going and that’s exactly what Toronto Raptors big man, Amir Johnson did with this windmill dunk!!

Kyrie Irving, BREAK ANKLES!! Thabo Sefolosha Crashes To The Floor!!

Kyrie Irving has taken another victim with his vicious ball handing. This time he takes down Oklahoma City guard, Thabo Sefolosha with a nasty between the legs move!!

DeMarcus Cousins Gets Ejected Against The Rockets!!

We all known DeMarcus Cousins has a temper but tonight he did have a reason to be mad. He got called for a BS foul on Dwight Howard but everything else after was all Cousins fault. He’s one technical away from 16 which would secure him a one game suspension.

Kyrie Irving’s INSANE Handles Against The Toronto Raptors!!

Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers lost 99-93, Kyrie Irving had one hell of a game. The all star guard had 25 points, 4 rebounds and 9 assists, plus this insane display of handles!

John Wall Crosses Over And Slams It Down!!

When one of the quickest guards in the league hits you with a crossover and heads towards the rim it’ s game over! Check it out as John Wall does just that against the Orlando Magic!