Cincinnati Coach Mick Cronin Loses His Cool!!

College coaches have been letting the referees have it this year and Cincinnati coach Mike Cronin is no exception. The Cincinnati coach explodes and gets in the face of the referee which later on players had to intervene to try and save their coach from getting ejected. It’s funny to see the players have more maturity than their elderly coach but at the same time you can’t blame the guy for expressing himself because basketball is filled with emotions.

Jabari Parker Throws Down The Tip Jam Against Syracuse!!

With 19 points and 10 rebounds Jabari Parker was able to make his presence felt during Duke’s 66-60 win over Syracuse. Parker threw down this ridiculous tip jam over two defenders to give Duke the momentum they needed down the stretch to pull off the victory!

Alabama’s Trevor Releford’s Game Winner Against Ole’ Miss

With a tie game and 11 seconds left, you never let a player get too comfortable because they have nothing to lose by putting up a shot! Check it out as Alabama’s Trevor Releford hits the game winning three over Ole Miss’ Marshall Henderson!

Marcus Smart Pushes Fan During Upset Loss To Texas A&M!!

During todays game against Texas A&M, Oklahoma State star Marcus Smart lost his cool with a fan in the stands. With seconds left in the game Smart was called for a foul and while falling into the stands, where a fan stepped in and said something as Marcus was getting up. Smart turned around and shoved the fan, Jeff Orr a supposed Texas A&M “Super Fan”. Not a good look for both men involved but as a player Smart will receive a decent punishment by the NCAA.