LeBron James Does It Again! Dunks On Paul Millsap!!

It’s not everyday you get 2 amazing dunks in back to back games….. well not everybody is LeBron James! Just last game he dunked on Ben McLemore of the Sacramento Kings and had the world buzzing, now he dunks on Paul Millsap to create controversy! Bravo LeBron….

Tim Duncan, Break Ankles!!!! Amir Johnson Hits The Floor!

Timmy hits the young blood Amir Johnson with a crossover that sends Amir to the floor! And they say Duncan is getting old…. he’s just getting started!

Paul Pierce Gets Ejected For The Hard Foul!

In the 80’s and early 90’s this would’ve been a personal foul but nowadays it buys you an ejection, as Paul Pierce was ejected tonight for this hard foul on Pacers guard, George Hill.