RIP Stuart Scott: The ESPN Legend Cooler Than The Other Side Of The Pillow


In September of 1993 a young, University of North Carolina graduate, by the name of Stuart Scott appeared for the first time on ESPN. That day would be the start of an amazing 21 year career with ESPN, and would show the world the passion Stuart had for sports, people, and life.

A lot of us grew up watching Stuart Scott and his fun catch phrases such as, “Booyah” “holla at a playa when you see him in the street!”, “as cool as the other side of the pillow”. Sports are supposed to be fun and Scott definitely brought that to his reporting style. Just check him out down below analyzing a young Vince Carter’s amazing dunks!

In 2007 Stuart Scott was diagnosed with cancer. A cancer that would come back 3 times in 7 years. A cancer that Scott fought every day but continued to live his life to the fullest, still broadcasting for Sportscenter, Monday Night Football games and doing MMA workouts while still receiving treatments. Stuart didn’t let cancer hold him back and that’s why ESPN recently admired their colleague by presenting Scott at the 2014 ESPY’s with the Jimmy V Award. Scott gave an unbelievable and inspiring speech telling everyone, “When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.”

This morning ESPN paid tribute to their warrior with an amazing segment, showcasing the broadcaster, father, hard worker, and man Stuart Scott has fought so hard to be. He always stayed true to himself and today we thank him for that. Heaven has gained a fighter, thank you Stuart Scott.

Kevin Hart Drops Knowledge On The NBA MVP Race

I personally would take Kevin Hart over Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take any day of the week. The dude is funny but also has pretty good knowledge of the game.

Marcus Smart Pushes Fan During Upset Loss To Texas A&M!!

During todays game against Texas A&M, Oklahoma State star Marcus Smart lost his cool with a fan in the stands. With seconds left in the game Smart was called for a foul and while falling into the stands, where a fan stepped in and said something as Marcus was getting up. Smart turned around and shoved the fan, Jeff Orr a supposed Texas A&M “Super Fan”. Not a good look for both men involved but as a player Smart will receive a decent punishment by the NCAA.

8 Years Ago Today Kobe Bryant Scored 81 Points

8 years ago today, on a horrible Los Angeles Lakers team, Kobe Bryant dropped a career high and ridiculous 81 points on the Toronto Raptors. It was one of the best scoring performances of our generation, since billions of us never saw Wilt Chamberlain’s historic 100 point game. Bryant scored 81 points on 28-46 field goal attempts, 7-13 three pointers, and 18-20 free throws. Check out down below as Jalen Rose recaps Kobe’s 81 points on Grantland as he was one of the main defenders Kobe was doing work against.

Taylor University’s Incredible “Silent Night”

Watch a little to get the point then fast forward to 40 seconds into the clip!

“Each year, on the Saturday before final exams week, the students at Taylor University gather for one of the most unique traditions in all of college sports, appropriately dubbed, the Silent Night game! The premise is simple, the fans are completely silent until the Trojans score their 10th point of the game. The moment the ball passes through the net for TU’s 10th point the standing room only crowd goes absolutely crazy!”

And ABSOLUTELY CRAZY THEY WENT!!! College sports are so GREAT!

Huntington University’s Shane Merryman Hits 3/4 Court Game-Winner!!


This is the kind of stuff ESPN loves…. the small gym, two small universities, the grainy camera and one GREAT shot!! With Huntington University down by 1 with a second left, Shane Merryman chucks a shot up from the other free throw line as a defender flies at him….Nothing But The Bottom Of The Net!!