A Fan Runs On The Court To Tell Kyrie Irving He Loves Him!!

Just another day in Cleveland…and another fan running on the court to share his love with his favorite player. It happened when LeBron returned to Cleveland after leaving for Miami and last year when there were reports Kyrie Irving wanted to leave. Now this season as Kyrie Irving won his first all star mvp and has become everybody’s favorite player in Cleveland another fan felt the need to tell Kyrie how he feels. Irving told reporters that the kid said “he loved him” and in great Kyrie fashion he responded with “I love you too bro”. In conclusion Cleveland needs to step their security game up and Kyrie Irving will have a bid “decision” this summer. Stay classy Cleveland!

Warriors Fan Yells To Michael Beasley “You Smoking Weed Again??”

They always say look towards the future and leave the past behind but some people will never let that happen. During tonights game between the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors a fan yelled at a stumbling Michael Beasley, “you smoking weed again??” referring to Beasley’s known past with the drug.

Marcus Smart Pushes Fan During Upset Loss To Texas A&M!!

During todays game against Texas A&M, Oklahoma State star Marcus Smart lost his cool with a fan in the stands. With seconds left in the game Smart was called for a foul and while falling into the stands, where a fan stepped in and said something as Marcus was getting up. Smart turned around and shoved the fan, Jeff Orr a supposed Texas A&M “Super Fan”. Not a good look for both men involved but as a player Smart will receive a decent punishment by the NCAA.

Dwight Howard Gets A Technical For Being Dumb!

Ohhhh Dwight……..You’ll never think before you do things. Check out Dwight Howard as he throws the ball at a fan that won’t leave him alone. I can only think of how many basketballs he will need when he comes back to LA.