Miami’s Erik Swoope Throws Down The Nasty Dunk Against NC State!!

Miami’s Erik Swoope throws down this hurricane dunk in the lane against NC State!!

A Fan Runs On The Court To Tell Kyrie Irving He Loves Him!!

Just another day in Cleveland…and another fan running on the court to share his love with his favorite player. It happened when LeBron returned to Cleveland after leaving for Miami and last year when there were reports Kyrie Irving wanted to leave. Now this season as Kyrie Irving won his first all star mvp and has become everybody’s favorite player in Cleveland another fan felt the need to tell Kyrie how he feels. Irving told reporters that the kid said “he loved him” and in great Kyrie fashion he responded with “I love you too bro”. In conclusion Cleveland needs to step their security game up and Kyrie Irving will have a bid “decision” this summer. Stay classy Cleveland!

Bismack Biyombo’s Big Block On Kawhi Leonard!!

Bismack Biyombo is only averaging 15 minutes a game so he doesn’t get much shine but last night he had a big block on Kawhi Leonard that might help him get some more playing time this season!