ADIDAS Reveals 2014 All Star Game Jerseys…MORE SLEEVES!!!

all star

Obviously ADIDAS and the NBA didn’t read any articles or tweets during the Christmas Day games to see everybody’s reaction to the sleeved jerseys. Anyways ADIDAS officially revealed their 2014 NBA All Star Game jerseys for the Western and Eastern Conferences. The colors tie into the native New Orleans culture where this years game is being played. The game will take place February 16th and there’s still time to get your votes in for the starters of both sides!




Spike Lee Leaks Ray Allen “Jesus Shuttlesworth” Jersey


Spike Lee the director of one of the greatest basketball movies of all time, He Got Game released images of the nickname jerseys. He leaked Ray Allen’s number 34 jersey who’s nickname is “Jesus Shuttlesworth” as it was the name of his character in He Got Game. The jerseys will be worn against the Boston Celtics (Jan. 21) and Brooklyn Nets (Mar. 12, Apr. 6).

jesus pic



It’s Official The NBA Has Lost It’s Mind: Christmas Day Jerseys

One of the biggest days of the NBA season is Christmas Day, where 5 games are televised on national tv and around the world. Last year Adidas threw out the idea of sleeved jerseys and for some reason the NBA Fashion Advisors are biting. Take a look at the nightmare jerseys below











Armed Forces Classic Jerseys Revealed


The second annual Armed Forces Classic will be played tonight, featuring Oregon vs Georgetown, which will air at 8PM ET on ESPN. As today kicks off the start to the College Basketball Season it is only fitting that we honor our troops around the world. The game will be played at Army Base, Camp Humphreys in South Korea. The jerseys and shoes made by Nike and Jordan Brand respectably feature camo print, with american flags and the words U.S.A (Oregon) and RESPECT (Georgetown). Hopefully this will be a continued success for the next 3 years as ESPN has a 5 year partnership with the Department of Defense and each branch of the US Armed Forces.

Nightmare Jerseys on Christmas Day!

It was released by UniWatch that these “Jerseys” are what the teams will be wearing Christmas day. We all know about the jersey with sleeves idea that has been going around the league but this is just shocking! Take a look at the gifts the Heat, Lakers, Thunder, Nets and Bulls will receive on Christmas day!