Joel Embiid Kills The Dunk On The Break!!

During Kansas thrashing of Texas today, Joel Embiid killed this dunk on the break to add to the fun of a 85-54 victory!

Askia Booker Hits The 3 Point Stunner!!! Kansas Loses At The Buzzer!!

Unranked Colorado upset #6 Kansas 75-72 on a ridiculous buzzer beater by Askia Booker! Booker led all Colorado scorers with 15 points while Andrew Wiggins led Kansas with 22.

Andrew Wiggins Gets The Last Laugh Against Jabari Parker and Duke

Louisiana-Monroe v Kansas

Last night was one of the best nights in college basketball, which calls for the best two players in the country to face each other. Lets just say both of these kids didn’t disappoint. The media buzz was in hyper mode before the game even started and Jabari Parker played the first half like a man on a mission. Jabari hit 3 after 3, floater after floater, and mid range after mid range. He finished the first half with 19 points on 6-10 shooting. As for Wiggins, he started the game in foul trouble picking up two quick fouls which landed him on the bench with only 6 points.

The second half is where things got interesting as Jabari cooled off and only hits 3 of 10 shots while Andrew heated up for 16 points to lead the Jayhawks to a 94-83 victory. The score doesn’t do the game justice as it was a 2 point game with just over 2 minutes left. Wiggins came up clutch in those final two minutes with a step-back jumper to go up 4 and then a fast break lay up for an and-one that fouled out Jabari Parker. In the end both of these kids played great but only one team could win and that was Kansas. I’m just happy this is only the first week of college basketball!

Top 3 Freshman Debut On ESPN Tonight


The top 3 freshman in the nation will get to show the world what they’ve got tonight. The big 3 include Andrew Wiggins from Kansas, Jabari Parker from Duke and Julius Randle from Kentucky.

Andrew Wiggins, the projected number one pick in this years draft will get to show what all the hype is about as he faces Duke and Jabari Parker. In Parker’s first game against Davidson he recorded 22 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists. While Wiggins put up 16 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists against ULM. Kansas vs Duke airs at 10pm ET on ESPN.

With two games under his belt Julius Randle is averaging 22.5 points and 14.5 rebounds. Surprisingly, about half of his points are coming from the free throw line. Randle and #1 Kentucky face #2 Michigan State tonight on ESPN at 7:30 ET.

Kansas Jayhwaks Season Starts How You Think It Would

Kansas started their season against University of Louisiana-Monroe Friday night. And to no ones surprise #1 ranked freshman Andrew Wiggins scored the first bucket of the season. Wiggins did a spin move on the baseline, which led to a floater over the defender. A pretty aggressive move but it shows the kid means business!