Lance Stephenson Wins Craziest Shot Of The Year!

Indiana Pacers guard, Lance Stephenson has been proving everyone wrong since his all star snub last week. Stephenson takes a hard fall but makes this ridiculous shot in the process!

Shaqtin’ A Fool, Includes A Point Guard Kendrick Perkins!

This week we got a new Shaqtin’ A Fool from the crew over at TNT Inside The NBA and it included some good laughs. Candidates included, Kendrick Perkins, Blake Griffin, Lance Stephenson, The Philadelphia 76ers and Gorgui Deng!

Lance Stephenson Brings His A-Game Against The Knicks!

Indiana Pacers guard, Lance Stephenson had another great game tonight as he continues to have a huge breakout season. At home against the Knicks he scored a career high 28 points to go along with 4 rebounds and 4 assists. His plays were impressive as well as he brought out some Brooklyn flash against his hometown team!

And don’t forget to vote for Lance “Sir Lancealot” Stephenson for the 2014 NBA All Star Game!

Lance Stephenson With The Insane Ball Fake!

Now you see him, Now you don’t! Pacers guard, Lance Stephenson fakes out Houston Rockets defenders on his way for a floater over Dwight Howard!

Paul George Goes Off For 43 Points!


The Indiana Pacers have had a great start to the year at 16-2 behind the great play of Paul George and Lance Stephenson. Last night was a battle between the Portland Trailblazers and the Indiana Pacers. Paul George lit up the Blazers for a career high 43 points but couldn’t grab a victory in the process as the Pacers lost 106-102. Check out the highlights down below:

Jamal Crawford, BREAK ANKLES!!! Lance Stephenson Needs Ankle Insurance!

Los Angeles Clippers guard, Jamal Crawford had a great game filling in for injured guard JJ Redick as he scored 20 points in a close loss to the red hot Indiana Pacers. Crawford aka JCrossover was up to his old tricks as he showed no mercy on Pacers guard, Lance Stephenson. Jamal hits Lance with the double behind the back confusing the hell out of Stephenson as he loses control of his ankles!

Lance Stephenson With The Ridiculous In-Air Behind The Back Pass!!

I’ve never seen anyone do such a crazy pass and i’m not surprised that it’d be Lance Stephenson to try it. The Pacers guard has been given the green light to run the show alongside Paul George and he has been doing a great job!

Lance Stephenson Has A Lot To Dance About

The season just started but the Indiana Pacers and Lance Stephenson have a lot to dance about right now. Not only are the Pacers an NBA best undefeated 9-0 but they’ve beaten the likes of Chicago, Brooklyn and Memphis to get there. Now lets get back to Lance Stephenson, who was a high school prodigy at Lincoln High in Coney Island, New York. He was supposed to be the next big player, nicknamed “Born Ready”. Stephenson won city basketball championships in all four years of high school, and is New York’s all-time leading scorer in high school basketball. But Born Ready hit a few obstacles as a lot of top colleges didn’t like his attitude, plus there were a few recruiting mishaps, thus landing him at the University of Cincinnati.

After a one and done season at Cincinnati where he averaged 12 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists he declared for the NBA draft. He was picked late in the second round by the legend Larry Bird and the Indiana Pacers. His rookie year he received no playing time but made headlines during the playoff series against the Heat as he made a choking sign as Lebron James shot important free throws. That started an altercation before the next game with Juwan Howard of the Miami Heat. That same game Heat center, Dexter Pittman clotheslined Lance as he ran in for a rebound. The Heat went on to win that series signaling the end of Stephenson’s rookie year.

After a tough rookie season Lance Stephenson started getting more minutes and becoming an important part of the Pacers. Now in the present Stephenson is averaging 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists. He also recorded his first career triple double a few nights back. But the problem is the immaturity that remains in Lance. The other night he received a technical for taunting. The kid can play and can become one of the stars in Indiana but he has to get his mind right.