Mario Chalmers With The On The Floor Flip Pass For A Dwyane Wade Dunk!!

Another game, another crazy Miami Heat fast break! This time a Mario Chalmers hustle play leads to a Dwyane Wade dunk on the break!

The Miami Heat Visit The White House

The defending champion, Miami Heat visited President Barack Obama and the White House today as they are in town to play the Washington Wizards tomorrow. The team gave the president a custom replica trophy with the teams signatures and took the traditional photo. President Obama even cracked a joke on Heat guard, Mario Chalmers about the recent yelling he has received from other teammates. All in all it looked like both parties enjoyed themselves.


Wade To Chalmers To Lebron For The Alley Oop

Ever since D Wade and Lebron got paired together (sorry Bosh) they have been a great dynamic duo. On any night they can give us a great play but on this particular play they got Mario Chalmers in the mix. Definitely a Sports Center Top Play!