2020 NBA All Star Dunk Contest


NBAE/Getty Images

Everyone knows the NBA Dunk Contest is the show to watch during all star weekend and personally I can’t wait! The hype has died down in recent years but I’m hoping this year with the return of Aaron Gordon we will have another night to remember. The list of participants haven’t been officially confirmed but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited with the contest being a week away. You’ll get a quick rundown and obviously some dope highlights of the confirmed dunk artists.

Lets start with the Orlando Magic’s Forward, Aaaron Gordon who according to a lot of people won the 2016 Dunk contest against Zach LaVine. Check out below to relive the epic battle between the two.

Next up we have a familiar face to the dunking game in Laker big man, Dwight Howard. Similar to Aaron Gordon, Dwight Howard battled against everyone’s favorite 5’9 guard in Nate Robinson.

Now my favorite dunker is next in line and that man is Derrick Jones Jr. Derrick, participated in the 2017 contest but didn’t get the crown. He’s back for revenge, and this guy can fly! Take a look at his acrobatic dunks from last season and maybe he will be your favorite too.

Lastly, we have the dark horse…. and i’m not saying this because they say white men can’t jump because with a 44 inch vertical Pat Connaughton can definitely get up. He may not be as known to the average basketball fan but on Saturday he’s looking to make a name for himself in the history books.

Get ready for a fun Saturday night and let me know who you think is going to win in the comments below!

Brandon Knight’s Game Winning Three Against The Knicks!

And the New York Knicks dreadful season continues as they take a loss to one of the worst teams in the league, the Milwaukee Bucks. Check it out as Brandon Knight hits the dagger three for the win!

New York Knicks Are The NBA’s Most Valuable Team!


Today Forbes Magazine released their rankings of most valuable NBA franchises. To no ones surprise the top 5 were large market teams. Coming in at the top was the New York Knicks valued at $1.4 Billion Dollars.

2nd -Los Angeles Lakers valued at $1.35 Billion Dollars.

3rd -Chicago Bulls valued at $1 Billion Dollars

4th -Boston Celtics valued at $875 Million Dollars

5th -Brooklyn Nets valued at $780 Million Dollars

In last place was the Milwaukee Bucks who are valued at $405 million dollars. Needless to say all NBA teams still have a great value!

Tim Duncan’s No Look Pass Leads To A Jeff Ayres Jam!!

San Antonio Spurs forward, Tim Duncan is the best power forward of all time and that’s because he can do everything! Duncan shows off his passing skills with a beautiful no look pass which leads to a dunk by Jeff Ayres!

Manu Ginobli’s Sick Pass Through Epke Udoh’s Legs For The Assist!

On a night where San Antonio Spurs guard, Manu Ginobli scored 1 point, it was his passing that kept him in the game. Ginobli finished the game with 7 assists but this one in particular was his best one of the game!

Stephen Curry’s CRAZY Flip Shot And-One!

Stephen Curry is one of the NBA’s best scorers and will do just about anything to get the ball in the basket. Check it out as Curry falls and flips the ball into the basket while getting the foul and completing the three point play!

Andrea Bargnani With The Dumbest Three He Will Ever Take

Andrea Bargnani

With the Knicks up by two with 15 seconds left and a fresh 24 second clock Andrea Bargnani jacks up a three! Anyone with a basketball IQ knows to just hold the ball and let the clock run out but his stupid three let the Bucks set up a play to score and send the game into a second overtime!

John Wall Allows No Easy Buckets!

The Wizards point guard, John Wall has been doing everything this season! It’s early on in the season but i can see him making NBA All-Defense First Team. Check it out as Wall denies Nate Wolters lay up as time expires!

Avery Bradley With An Over The Backboard Buzzer Beater

Your teammate airballs a shot trying to beat the shot clock… so what does Avery Bradley do? Catches it off the bounce in mid air, shoots over the backboard, swishes the shot as the shot clock expires! Maybe someone should try this playing HORSE? Well done Avery!