Ricky Rubio Makes The Crazy One Handed Reverse And-1!!

Minnesota Timberwolves guard, Ricky Rubio is a magician with the ball dribbling and passing but now he’s making crazy shots like this one!

Kevin Martin’s Game Winner Against The Warriors!

Minnesota Timberwolves guard, Kevin Martin went off for 26 points tonight against the Golden State Warriors but this game winning jumper was the most important as it gave the Timberwolves a 121-120 victory!

Your 2014 NBA All Star Starters!

all stars                                     The 2014 NBA All Star Starters were just announced on TNT’s Inside The NBA. There were four first time starters voted in which included, Stephen Curry, Paul George, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. LeBron James was the leading vote getter with 1,416,419 votes, followed closely by Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder, who finished with 1,396,294 votes.

Western Conference All Star Starters

Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers
Stephen Curry, Golden State
Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City
Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers
Kevin Love, Minnesota

Eastern Conference All Star Starters

Carmelo Anthony, New York
Paul George, Indiana
Kyrie Irving, Cleveland
LeBron James, Miami
Dwyane Wade, Miami

The NBA Commissioner will select the reserves, which will be announced on Thursday, Jan. 30, on TNT. The 63rd NBA All-Star Game will be exclusively televised on TNT from New Orleans Arena on Sunday, Feb. 16.

Ricky Rubio Plays Catch With A Little Girl During Floor Cleanup

As if girls didn’t already like Minnesota Timberwolves guard, Ricky Rubio, the young Spaniard scored some points by playing catch with a little girl during intermission. Well done Ricky, well done.

Tony Parker’s Sick Pass Sets Up A Jeff Ayres Jam On Ronny Turiaf!!

People forget how good Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs are but they’re both thriving this season. Check it out as Spurs guard, Tony Parker sets up Jeff Ayres for the dunk!

Gerald Green Nails The Game Winner!!

Phoenix Suns guard, Gerald Green is known as a dunker but has been playing very well for the Suns this year. He’s finally been given a chance and is taking advantage of it! Check it out as he nails the game winner against the Minnesota Timberwolves!

Michael Carter Williams Crosses Ricky Rubio And Gets The And-One!!

The leading rookie of the year candidate, Michael Carter Williams was back to work last night against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Philadelphia 76ers point guard had a tough match up against T-Wolves guard, Ricky Rubio. MCW crossed up Rubio during the third quarter and nailed the lay up while being fouled! A great move by the youngster as he finished  the game with 13 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists in a 126-95 loss.

Kevin Love Gets Fouled On A Game Winning Shot Attempt “NO CALL”!!

One of the biggest no calls of the season happened last night as Kevin Love attempted a game winning three to try to give the Wolves a win. Dallas Mavericks forward, Shawn Marion hits Love’s arm as he attempts the shot in front of two referees but nobody blows their whistle?! The NBA issued a statement saying the refs blew the call but that doesn’t change the result of the game.


Ricky Rubio Throws A Pass Between Nicolas Batum’s Legs!

The magician that is Ricky Rubio, pulls out a trick as he continues the fast break by throwing a pass between Portland forward, Nicolas Batum’s legs!