Andrew Bogut and Mo Williams Suspended for Fighting

Mo Williams, Andrew Bogut, Wesley Matthews

This past Saturday a fight broke out between the Warriors and Blazers resulting in three ejections! Monday, the NBA issued two one game suspensions to Warriors center, Andrew Bogut and Blazers guard, Mo Williams. Both players escalated the incident and will be docked a games pay because of it.

Warriors And Blazers Get In A Scuffle

This season a lot of players have been on edge during tangle ups with their opponents. We saw a couple weeks ago Blake Griffin and Serge Ibaka get tangled which led to an ejection for Ibaka and Matt Barnes. This week we have a tangle up with Warriors center, Andrew Bogut and Blazers center, Joel Freedand. Just like in the Clippers-Thunder fight, players from both teams came to back their teammates, which led to multiple ejections. Portland guards, Mo Williams and Wesley Matthews were ejected along with Warriors guard, Draymond Green.