The NBA, Stephen Curry & It’s Stars Lead The Way In Corona Virus Research & Relief


Unless you live under a rock, the Corona Virus has probably changed your every day life in one way or another. As a basketball fan, the NBA not only having players in Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell being diagnosed with Corona Virus but the league suspending the season on March 11th was the first event that made this whole thing feel real. In many ways the NBA was the first organization and business to make a move to prevent the spread of the virus. In the moment Adam Silver felt like the bad guy taking our beloved sport away from us right before the playoffs but he was really the hero we all needed. The NHL, MLS and MLB all followed in the NBA’s footsteps suspending their seasons the next day!

Since taking over as commissioner, Silver has made many changes to the league including global growth, social media & implementing technology into the future of the league. Even though these changes seem with the times, his biggest change was giving the players something that previous commissioner David Stern sort of took away from them, and that is allowing the players to be themselves and be outspoken.

One player who has used his platform for good is Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Curry on Thursday used his Instagram Live to have a Q&A session with Dr. Anthony Fauci who has been America’s right hand man when it comes to the virus. Curry had his own questions regarding the virus but allowed his followers and anyone watching to ask Dr. Fauci their own questions. Steph used his platform to allow the regular citizen to not only receive non biased facts about the virus but allowed them to be involved, far from anything our government or any news platform has given us.

Right out of the gate, Kevin Love of the Cavs, knew many people working for the team and the stadium would be out of a job so he pledged $100,000 to the every day people who help him live out his dream every night. That moment allowed other NBA stars to follow suit as MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo put together $100,000 of his own. Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson and Pistons star Blake Griffin also helped out their fellow stadium employees.

Rudy Gobert who was the first NBA player to test positive for the virus and may have not taken it as seriously as he should’ve… donated $500,000 to the employees at the Vivint Smart Home Arena. Part of the donation is also going to families affected by the virus. Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban one of the NBA’s forward thinking owners was the first owner to say he would help his stadium employees. The Warriors commited $1 million dollars to their Chase Center employees not far after.

The NBA, it’s players and owners have been doing their part to help not only prevent, but educate and help everyone involved. It’s now our turn to do our part and stop the spread as much as possible. Basketball and our every day lives will be back soon. Stay safe.

Doc Rivers Returns To Boston

docLast night was definitely a night to remember for Los Angeles Clippers coach, Doc Rivers as he returned to Boston to face his old team. The Boston Celtics will always have a great respect for Doc because he helped revive the team that was struggling and turned it around with 2 NBA finals appearances. One appearance resulted in an NBA championship. Doc returned to a standing ovation and a tribute video from the team.


The Boston fans definitely loved Doc and Doc has a lot of respect for the city of Boston but when the game started it was all business. The Clippers won 96-88 behind 22 points and 9 assists from Chris Paul and 21 points and 3 assists from Jamal Crawford. Check out the highlights down below.

Doc will have another reunion tonight in Brooklyn as he faces the Nets who are now home to former Celtics Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. The NBA definitely set these reunions up very well.