Joakim Noah “F*** You” To The Refs Cost Him A $15K Fine!

Chicago Bulls center, Joakim Noah has never been a fan of the referees but last night he definitely let them get to him. Check it out as Noah goes off telling each ref exactly how he felt about his ejection by saying “F*** You” and “F*** You” and “F*** You”!! Noah may have gotten that all off his chest but his pockets are gonna be lighter as he was fined $15K earlier today by the NBA.

Joey Crawford Doesn’t Mess Around!

If we already didn’t like head referee Joey Crawford, he gave us another reason to dislike him. He called out a 76ers ball boy for missing a spot on the court and continued to blow his whistle like a sergeant. He later called 2 more ball boys to finish the job while giving the first kid a death stare.