Mascots Dunks, Tricks & Fails

Mascot’s are great entertainment for any sports team but basketball mascots have a ton of fun! Sunday night BYU’s mascot Cosmo The Cougar did one of the most epic dunks a mascot has ever done, a dunk from the three point line while being propelled in the air by a group of men! The three point line is a feat in itself but having the balance to be launched in the air all while traveling 20 feet 9 inches to dunk an alley oop is about as crazy as it sounds.

Cosmo’s dunk made me want to relive some of the best dunks, tricks and fails in mascot history and I’ve created a short list that will do just that.

The Nuggets mascot was trying to spit as much game as possible but this fan wasn’t impressed.

There’s one NBA player that’s got a love/hate relationship with mascots and that man is Robin Lopez. Lopez is a journeyman who’s interactions with mascots is probably better documented than his playing time but that’s okay because it’s hilarious! Here’s a compilation of Robin facing off with some of the leagues best!

Now we have one of the weirdest moments in mascot history and that’s when the Toronto Raptor decided to eat a cheerleader. Yes I said eat a cheerleader, check it out for yourself down below.

Most of these mascots were pretty smooth but that’s not always the case. Take a look at fails from all sports & all mascots alike.

Mascots will forever be a part of the game because they do what they’re intended to do which is entertain. They make us laugh, smile, and sometimes even do something that’s mind blowing! So from all of us we’d like to say thank you to whoever is in those costumes because we couldn’t get through a game without you!

Shaun Livingston Reincarnated! Dunks On Robin Lopez


If you don’t know the story of Brooklyn Nets guard, Shaun Livingston, lets just say he had one of the worst injuries in sports history. It’s so bad I don’t even want to put the video up, if you’re brave enough look it up. Shaun was a promising point guard coming to the NBA straight out of high school and playing very well for a young LA Clippers team. The injury happened in his third year during a game against the Bobcats. The injury was so bad he was close to having his leg amputated. His contract expired the next season and he bounced around from team to team. He’s currently having his best season playing for the Brooklyn Nets averaging 10 points, 2 rebounds, and 3 assists.

That brings us to last night when Livingston did his most explosive play since coming back from injury as he drove the lane and dunked on Blazers center, Robin Lopez. Every basketball fan should be happy to see Livingston back and playing so well, I know I am.