Joakim Noah “F*** You” To The Refs Cost Him A $15K Fine!

Chicago Bulls center, Joakim Noah has never been a fan of the referees but last night he definitely let them get to him. Check it out as Noah goes off telling each ref exactly how he felt about his ejection by saying “F*** You” and “F*** You” and “F*** You”!! Noah may have gotten that all off his chest but his pockets are gonna be lighter as he was fined $15K earlier today by the NBA.

Blake Griffin And Serge Ibaka Fight But Matt Barnes Comes In For Back Up

The Clippers and Thunder have been one of the best rivalries in the west the last couple of years. Both teams see themselves as a force to be reckoned with and will not back down from anyone. Tonight was no different when late in the second quarter Blake Griffin and Serge Ibaka got tangled up which led to a shoving match between the two teams. Matt Barnes jumped in on the fun as he came to back up Griffin. Ibaka and Barnes were both ejected and Griffin received a technical for his part in the altercation.