Blind Man Nails A 3 pointer To Wins McDonalds For A Year!!

Even though its a grainy cell phone video this is pretty amazing. A blind man, Michael Quin of Springfield, Missouri, was able to hit a three pointer for the halftime contest at College of the Ozarks. With someone coaching him under the basket and a silent gym he hit the three which won him MCDONALDS FOR A YEAR! The whole gym went crazy and it will hold a spot in youtube history.

Syracuse Stays Unbeaten With Tyler Ennis Game Winning Three!!

Leave it up to the freshman to come up clutch. Syracuse freshman, Tyler Ennis saved his unbeaten Syracuse team from an upset by #25 Pittsburgh with no time outs by hitting a game winning three over two defenders! Syracuse pulls off the victory 58-56.

Notre Dame’s Eric Atkins’ Game Winner Against Boston College!

The Notre Dame senior steps up in overtime to knock down this game winning three against Boston College with .8 seconds left to give Notre Dame a 76-73 victory!

C.J. Miles Nails The Contested Half Court Jumper At The Buzzer!

Half shot here… Half shot there… yeah they are impressive but to make one with someone actually guarding you and swish it? Takes the cake!

Andre Iguadola Hits Another Game Winner!!

Golden State Warriors forward, Andre Iguadola must be enjoying his new team as he keeps coming up clutch when they need him. Last night with 3 seconds left and the Warriors down by two to the Hawks, Iguadola inbounds the ball to Steph Curry who’s double teamed immediately! They say the inbounder is always the most dangerous guy on the floor and that became true as Curry threw the ball back to Iggy who nails the three pointer for the win!

The Trail Blazers Catch Fire With 21 Threes!

The Portland Trail Blazers set an NBA record last night hitting 21 threes against the Charlotte Bobcats! The crazy part is they made 21 threes on 33 attempts shooting a ridiculous 63.6% from the three point line!! Well done Blazers, well done.

OH MY BOSH!! Chris Bosh Hits The Game Winning Three!!!

No LeBron James? No Problem! Down by two with about 8 seconds left on the clock Chris Bosh nails the game winning three! Most people would think of this as a surprise but….Chris Bosh is actually very clutch! Check out the stats down below


Crazy Behind The Back 3 By William Byrd High School’s Marvey’o Otey!!

Marvey’o Otey from William Byrd High School tried his best to save the basketball…..his best just so happened to make one of the most ridiculous shots you will ever see!

Russel Westbrook For The Win…… I Mean Andre Iguadola!

The Thunder were down by two points when Russel Westbrook hit a 3 with 2.3 seconds left to give his team the lead.

That 2.6 seconds was all Andre Iguadola needed to hit a fade away jumper over Thabo Sefolosha at the buzzer and give his team a 116-115 win. A great battle between these two teams and might be a future Western Conference Finals match up.