Footlocker’s Week Of Greatness Returns And So Do Their Amazing Ads Featuring Derrick Rose, Time Duncan and James Harden!!

Footlocker’s Week of Greatness returns where they will be releasing the freshest shoes of the year! They brought in Derrick Rose and Tim Duncan to speak about their “Excitement” for the week and James Harden who got a little “Defensive” when asked if he’d be attending the week of greatness. These are two great ads that will have you laughing all week long!

Tim Duncan’s No Look Pass Leads To A Jeff Ayres Jam!!

San Antonio Spurs forward, Tim Duncan is the best power forward of all time and that’s because he can do everything! Duncan shows off his passing skills with a beautiful no look pass which leads to a dunk by Jeff Ayres!

Tim Duncan, Break Ankles!!!! Amir Johnson Hits The Floor!

Timmy hits the young blood Amir Johnson with a crossover that sends Amir to the floor! And they say Duncan is getting old…. he’s just getting started!

Tim Duncan Hits The Game Winner!

Tim Duncan may be getting older but his game is not slowing down! Mr. Fundamental had a great night against the Atlanta Hawks putting up 23 points and 21 rebounds. If that wasn’t impressive enough the Spurs big man knocks down a mid range jumper with .04 seconds remaining to win the game 102-100.

Ginobliiiiiiii Throws A Dime Through Dwight Howard’s Legs!

The Spurs guard gets a little crafty late in the game as he finds a passing lane through Rockets center, Dwight Howard’s legs to Tim Duncan for the lay up and foul!