Wesley Johnson’s High Flying Rejection On Damian Lillard

Portland guard, Damian Lillard is one of the leagues up and coming stars but last night Wesley Johnson wasn’t allowing any easy buckets! The Lakers lost 114-108 but this was one hell of a play!

Wesley Johnson Punches The InBound Alley-Oop

With 1.4 seconds left in the first half, the Lakers drew up the perfect play to get Wesley Johnson an alley-oop dunk from Steve Blake who was in-bounding from half court. Johnson’s athletic ability has really been on display with the Lakers this year! And if you thought this play seemed familiar, don’t worry you’re not having deja vu….. check it out down below

Wesley Johnson Skies For The Alley-oop

Steve Blake was throwing dimes all night long but this may have been the most impressive out of his 16 assists. Johnson pointed towards the sky and went up and got it. This young and athletic team is definitely bringing the showtime back to LA.