Amir Johnson Throws Down The Windmill On The Break!!

A huge dunk always gets the crowd going and that’s exactly what Toronto Raptors big man, Amir Johnson did with this windmill dunk!!

LeBron James’ Ridiculous Windmill Dunk!!

LeBron James teased everyone with his practice dunks before the game against the Phoenix Suns. Well I guess it was just a pre game show as LeBron found himself on a fast break during the real game and threw down a ridiculous windmill dunk!

Blake Griffin Hits The Sixers With Back To Back Windmill Alley-Oops!!

It was one of those days for the Clippers…and one of those days for the 76ers. Check it out as Blake Griffin skies for back to back windmill alley-oops from Chris Paul!

DeMarcus Cousins No Look Pass Leads To Derrick Williams Windmil Slam!!

Big Men are not known for passing but Sacramento Kings center, DeMarcus Cousins throws a nice no-look pass to Derrick Williams who finishes the play with a sick two handed windmill!

Blake Griffin Shows Off All His Skills Against The Orlando Magic!

Los Angeles Clippers forward, Blake Griffin is one of the leagues up and coming stars. Even though Blake is known for his dunking, he’s developed his game in mid range jumpers and ball handling. He showed off his jumping ability with an insane windmill alley-oop as well as his dribbling skills against an Orlando Magic defender! Keep up the good work Blake.

LeBron James Windmills Past Larry Bird On The All Time Scoring List!

Even in a loss, LeBron James and the Heat get all the highlights. But this highlight shows off LeBron dunking his way past Larry Bird on the All Time Scoring list. He also passed Gary Payton during the game.